Some of our favorite engagements are working with entrepreneurs, investors and business people to plan, negotiate, implement, and achieve transactions which increase their wealth and financial condition, reduce their taxes, protect their assets, and accomplish their goals for succession planning and personal significance.


Our Mission

We provide responsive and high-quality service to our clients in our areas of practice, and we constantly seek to benchmark our work against industry leaders at the highest level, and to adapt to improve the efficiency and quality of our work.

Able to find creative solutions to the most complex problems….A brilliant legal strategist.
— A wealth management professional, founder of a family office for extremely high net worth clients
Your work was essential in breaking through the deadlock in our business plan and buy-sell agreement.
— A group of medical providers
Your creative tax plan saved my motel investment from being sold out from under me.
— A physician who had, based on bad advice from a prior advisor, purchased a hospitality property in an ERISA qualified plan
Your help caused our parents’ lawyers and trustees to understand our needs. The meeting was far more productive and they treated us better.
— A group of trust beneficiaries of a long-term family trust
[A] key advisor to my business and protector of my life’s work.
— An internationally-known business expert and author

What We've Achieved

  • Represented entrepreneur in increasing the value of business sold from $20 million to $115 million over two years of planning, meetings, and negotiations.
  • Settled over $2 million in tax debt, including civil fraud penalties, for less than $20,000, in offer in compromise.
  • Reformed numerous “irrevocable” trusts under the Uniform Trust Code to correct draftsmen errors, change trustees, address unforeseen problems, and meet changing beneficiary needs.
  • We have successfully handled hundreds of Section 1031 Like Kind Exchanges, including reverse, entity, partial, and other complex exchanges of all types.  We have assisted and advised several exchange intermediaries in formation and operational issues.